Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vintage Chenille Bedspreads

Vintage Chenille Bedspreads...takes me back to time spent at my grandparent's farmhouse. Waking up in the morning in the back bedroom (no heat), sandwiched between my two sisters, in an old double-sized iron bed with so many quilts on top of us that we could barely move. I can still remember how icy the sheets were when I slipped into bed at night and how my feet barely touched the frozen floor as I ran for the living room in the morning. My grandmother had chenille bedspreads on her beds and very utilitarian quilts. Function before form - on the farm you made do with what you had. Many items they used were made from feed sacks and flour sacks (including the quilts). My first post is a tribute to my grandmother, Ilene. Hope you enjoy these vintage beauties....

Circles and Dots - Mid-Century Flair!

Plush Chenille & Pink Roses - Sweet Cottage Style

Fluffy Pink Daisies - Like Icing on a Cake!

Fluffy Salmon Botanical - Arts & Crafts Style

Plush Plush Plush - Just Plain Eye Candy!