Sunday, January 22, 2012

happy birthday mr c!

what do you buy a guy who you have been married to over half your life, who has everything, who buys what he wants, usually when he wants it and who has more bedroom shoes and lounge pants than anyone on the planet (gifts from me) .... i had to figure out something special for his "milestone" birthday, and it has been on my mind all week - what to do.... well, i called a few people i know and got one balloon for each year of his life delivered this sunday morning. if they were delivered yesterday, half would be on the ground this morning. so, my friend at Angel's Florist made and delivered them this morning while mr. c was having his coffee. i was afraid i would give it away as i kept going to the kitchen to look out the window, so i would rattle a pan or something so he wouldn't know what i was doing! :)

we are having a traditional southern birthday dinner - pot roast, greenbeans and carrots, my soon-to-be-famous smushed potatoes (red potatoes, butter, cream, s&p - all mashed by hand), rolls and cake with ice cream. and, afterwards, we will all go to the front yard and set all of those balloons free. i can hardly wait to see everyone's faces, especially the little granddaughters, when they fly up and away!

it has been all i could do to not say too much - i am such a blabber mouth about gifts - i usually give it away with hints or give the gift when i buy it - i just get so excited that i cannot wait! can you tell i am excited with all this blabbering! lol!! i am off to the kitchen to finish up - the kids will be here soon. hope y'all do something fun today!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

spring is on the way

it has been such a whacky winter here in north georgia - we have had short cold spells followed by warming and then back to a cold snap. it did follow the hottest summer we have had here in about 100 years, though. i can hardly believe the forsythia is already blooming - it is usually mid-february around here when that starts. and, the robins, oh my, they are in our yard by the dozens, pecking at the ground for worms after the rain. and, i do have one daffodil that is blooming already at the cottage - i will have my head down for about two months doing "my day job", but once tax season is over, and i look up, spring will be here! :) wishing spring hurries to your doorsteps! xx c

Monday, January 2, 2012

vintage duvet covers

...mostly from the 1940s/1950s - i found lots of them "new in the package"

i've soaked and laundered them...
and, they are just so fabulous!
they are about 70" x 80" and fit just the top of a queen bed...

like a european cover that just sort of floats on your bed like a cloud.

all cotton - i love the patterns...

they are so soft - i have kept a few for myself! :)

thanks for stopping in and have a fab week! xx c