Thursday, March 24, 2011

the dogwoods are blooming!

and i do love it!
hope something is blooming where you are to bring you some cheer!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

it's here...

(forsythia is always the first burst of color around here promising us that spring is on the way!)

...finally here! tonight at about 7:30 is the official beginning of spring! and it was such a lovely day yesterday, the girls and i spent the whole afternoon out in the yard playing and picking up sweetgum cones! hope everyone enjoys this beautiful sunday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

happy birthday... me! still sick, still working 6 days a week, but,
today.....sigh.....i am the birthday girl!

had birthday coffee on the porch...

then birthday breakfast and guess what i got for my birthday???

a new camera from mr. c! a really nice one! i am a bit
intimidated by it, but it does have an auto setting.

in looking through etsy for a birthday banner,
i stumbled on these lovely pom flowers
don't y'all remember these - they are much
more sophisticated than the ones i made as a teen.

it was hard to choose just one image, they are all so...
lovely - pop on over to
Prost to the Host
for more fabulous eye candy!
hope you enjoy this lovely day

Sunday, March 6, 2011

feedsack pillows and chicken soup...

i hope y'all have not been sick! i am now!... have not really been sick with the cold crud for several years. everyone usually gets it....hubster, kids, grandkids, but not me! i just keep on going like the everready (sp?) bunny!

well, until now - came on me the end of last week like razor blades in my throat and just so yucky feeling as it continues to have its way with me! but, lots of zinc cold tabs and hubby's homemade chicken soup and some vintage grainsacks are making me better.

i have to be just about dead to not want to sew. i went into the studio today to finish a custom order and then to treat myself, i made these two pillows from a vintage grainsack.

This old cotton sack once held oats distributed by the National Oats Company in East St. Louis, Illinois.

I will be glad when this old cold is gone and so is tax season - am tired of the 6 day work weeks - but 3 day work weeks are right around the corner.....and, so is my birthday...yep another one and it is this week!

hope everyone has a fab week - eat a cupcake, drink some wine, go junkin', have a facial or a hot soak in the tub - do it for me, for my birthay! xo c