Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dixie Highway Yard Sale 2008

What an action-packed 24 hours...we left out Friday afternoon heading north on Highway 41, destination Dalton. Our plan was to catch all the yard sales on the right side of the road going towards Dalton, spend the night, swim in the pool and get up and head back south on 41 catching the other side of the road on the way back. Well, needless to say, that plan was soon abandoned, as we began stopping on both sides of the road.

There were hundreds of yard sales over about a 120 mile stretch of the Dixie Highway (Old 41) from above Tunnel Hill and Rocky Face all the way south through Cartersville and beyond. Never in my life have I seen so many people selling their wares, lots of junk and the ocassional treasure. Some people were traveling with large trucks and pull-behind trailers for carrying their treasures home.

My first purchase was a sweet set of cow salt and pepper shakers (Japan). I actually stopped to purchase those when I was flying home in the car from work to get packed for the trip. I took 41 through town and just had to stop at just one before I got home. Who can resist that sign - there may be a treasure there. On our second stop, I scored a pair of Hull Brown Dripware Coffee Mugs.

When we reached Calhoun, to my surprise, there was a vintage chenille double peacock bedspread hanging on a porch waving in the breeze like a flag. We could not get the car stopped fast enough. It was not for sale, but we got a wonderful story for stopping to talk. It belonged to her mother and she was just adding to the festivity and frenzy of this three-day event.

We made it to Dalton, ate, swam, soaked in the hot tub, slept and got up and started on the second leg of our journey Saturday morning. We went north instead of south and went on for hours before we noticed we had gone the wrong way. Glad we did, found a place where all the vintage double peacock chenille bedspreads live. Finally met someone who has more bedspreads than me...LOL.

Our trip was SO fun, although the heat was 95 degrees plus (unseasonable weather for North Georgia) and some of the sales were on asphalt, but it was worth every moment. We met so many neat people, two ladies that had actually run the tufting machines and made chenille bedspreads in their younger days. Definitely on the calendar for next year. Some of my treasures....

Vintage Hull Pottery - I have never seen any green before - the lady that I purchased it from said that it was made in gray also.

Vintage Hull Pottery - Pair of Brown Dripware Coffee Mugs -Buy of the Day!

Vintage Pyrex - Spice of Life Pattern - I actually still have a casserole dish and one of the cannisters in this pattern that we received for wedding gifts in 1978!

Vintage Raffiaware - Pair of Tumblers - I just love the cantelope and banana colors on this pair!

Vintage China Teacups and Saucers - Those of you that know me know that I love trees and cannot resist anything with a leaf or a tree on it!

Vintage West Bend Bean Pot - For Good Ole Baked Beans in the Oven!

Vintage Ceramic Belle of the Ball Planter (Japan) - She is perfect and adorable!

Vintage Cream Pitcher - I believe this is transferware - The lady that I purchased this from made chenille bedspreads in her younger days, she ran a double-needle machine that made the loops.

Vintage Capedemonte Style Ceramic Dish - This is one of my favorite items - It is just so pretty - only has the one little chip on the edge of the rosebud - very unusual for a piece this old!!


Joy said...

Wow, some great finds! My Mom has that pyrex! But I love pottery.
I have mostly longaberger.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Great finds Cindy!! Love the little skirt planter! She is adorable! Thanks for sharing everything with us!

Kristin Leigh said...

You're weekend of shopping sounds delightful! You sure found some great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Have a good week...
- K :)

Lori said...

you are SO lucky!!! i would have loved to take that drive and poke around in all of the goodies!!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

OMGooooooosh! Did you say 120 miles of rummage sales?!! *feeling a little faint* What fun is that?!! I love all your treasures, especially your pretty yellow roses pieces.
Smiles, Karen

Catnip Studio said...

what a great treasure hunting trip you had!

Anonymous said...

I love your finds and pillows!

Susie said...

Now that is what I call a day of bliss! Thank you for sharing all your goodies with us.
Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

mcgelligot said...

It is true, yard sales are a great place to find vintage objects for decorating in the cottage style. I love the old wheat pattern dishes, which look great in an antique china cabinet.

Up here in the thumb of Michigan, around Memorial Day every year, we have a garage sale day. People can travel all the way around the thumb fom Port Huron to Bay City on M-25. You can take in the sights along lake Huron while garage sale hopping!