Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Studio Makeover - Yeah!

Well, I guess you cannot really call it a makeover when you have never really had an "official" place to craft. I am so excited. I have been to the paint store two days in a row and am going back for more samples tomorrow - looking for just the right blue. My ideas...

My inspiration for color - vintage crewel work. Made this pillow a couple weeks ago for my family room - I just adore the blue colors - been carrying it around with me trying to match it.

My aunt left me two Rembrandt etchings when she died and they are framed in beautiful silver foil-like frames. They look fabulous on blue!

This is the craft center from Pottery Barn. Mine will be very similar to this and will be painted an antique white. There are, count them, 18 cubbies for stuff - yippee! I am so tired of my stuff being in piles!!

Here is the desk - I may change the knobs, haven't decided. It will have 6 drawers! Yeah!! I am going to use my vintage sewing chair. It is really cool and has just the right support and the seat comes off so that you can store thread in it. Will paint it the antique white and cover it with one of my favorite barkcloth fabrics!

This will be the top of the bookshelf - it will sit on a cabinet with doors, kind of like a hutch. Also, painted the antique white!

So you kind of have an idea and I am sure things will change - the big part is finding the right blue. Hope I find it tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!!


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Oh! I am so jealous! A place to craft!!! Just a dream for me.
Can't you have the paint store scan the colour and mix it for you??
I'm sure you will find the right shade. And so many lovely things to decorate with too. You will show us the finished room won't you???
Warm (and green) wishes, Irene :)

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness! It is going to be gorgeous- I love all of your choices!