Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is Near!

Spring is coming to North Georgia! Yesterday I noticed my dafodils are about 4 inches out of the ground and there was a flock of robins in my yard when I got home, busy pecking the ground looking for a snack. The first thing I heard when I got up this morning was the Eastern Phoebe cheeping, so I hurried to the window and peeked out the blinds. There he was, in the corner eave of my side porch. They mud a nest to the wall there every year and usually have two nests full of babies. It won't be long! Can hardly wait!


Judi said...

There's HOPE! While I can't even see the ground yet, we are seeing some very small hints of Spring also ~ It will be more than welcome this year! Have a nice weekend. Judi

Cindy said...

lucky you! i love Spring but we shouldn't be seeing any evidence for another month or more. We usually see the crocus (croci?) first.

mapetiteamy said...

Hello! I love your etsy shop and just posted a few things I like from it in my blog (with links)! I hope you don't mind?

ps - lovely blog :)

- Amy