Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Studio

I am just tickled pink to be a part of Where Bloggers Create hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage. So I have dusted off the lint (most of it), vacuumed up the threads and offer you a warm southern welcome into a little piece of my world. In my studio, I surround myself with things I love, some cheap and some not-so-cheap, some old and some new - my happy place to go and create....

Let's start with where I plant myself to sew - a mid-century sewing chair that I scored for $20 - the seat comes off to store stuff for my singer. I had it painted by my cabinet maker to match the furniture he built for me then I covered it with an earthy upholstery flax linen - I am a bit of a vintage textile junkie. The chair seat is kinda flat, but then so is mine! Oh, well - it is just perfect - the chair, that is! And the desk has eight shallow drawers, one for cutting tools, one for thread, one for packing supplies, you get the idea - What is it my mom used to say...There is a place for everything and everything has its place.

Awesome Mid-Century Globe that I scored for $8 at the Salvation Army Store - Basket is handmade and
was given to me by my Aunt Jane.

Wonderful Folk Art by my friend Carol aka Bailey Jack - I am lucky enough that she loves my pillows, so we trade a lot. One of her paintings was in an HGTV dream house one year! I love trees and snag up everyone
that I can of them that she paints!

Rembrandt Etchings - a gift from my Aunt Jane

More art from Carol that I just adore - could not believe how well it went on my blue walls - no planning, just one of those happy accidents - I am in love with this color blue - I painted so many "stripes" and "patches" of blue that it looked like graffiti gone bad - finally settled on this color - reminds me of the sea and blue skies. My mood totally changes when I enter in and turn on my vintage tube radio to the local AM station that plays Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra - same songs that I play on my blog. It is my therapy -
still cheaper than a shrink! :-)

Vintage Lamp I scored from a tag sale for $10 - I love the patina
and the shade is fabulous, linen outer and lined with silk - what a find!
And it is a 3-way to boot!

An antique basket that belonged to my grandmother gives more storage - an old chair I am working on and one of my places to stash all my stuff - furniture was built to suit my needs - lots of cubbies for storing necessary things and those not-so-necessary things that I love!

I love the ocean and old jars and neat stuff to put in them.

My Papa gave me this little piano music box
when I was a wee girl - it is very special to me.
Mid-Century Tea Cup and old Ball jars - one filled with old marbles.

Old jars are great for storage and yep, I have a problem with them, can you tell, and vintage buttons, buckles, clothes pins and that is my youngest daughter's hand print we made in Brownies - she is now 27 and lives in Europe, but I still see her as being 5 years old!

One of my favorite baskets - handwoven by a Cherokee Indian - it is an inside-out basket - looks the same inside and out - and some more stuff I love - yes, that is yet another jar with old skeleton keys in it!

Who knew a $2 umbrella basket from my favorite thrift store would be such great storage for vintage grain sacks! They just roll up and fit right in.

And a tool box to hold ticking, hemp linen and barkcloth - three of my favorite vintage textiles - and yes, that is a wool camp blanket peeking out.

Another great find at the Salvation Army store - it holds all my receipts and stuff and usually has a pile of something on it - today it is burlap coffee sacks.

Both ends of my cutting table have 9 cubbies for storing lots of supplies.

Please don't show this to my mom - she took one look at my fabric stash and said I could not buy any more and I am 50 - little does she know, I haven't stopped buying it - this is just one closet full of vintage barkcloth - I have more! I really need help! :-) Maybe it is not cheaper than a shrink. I have closets full of chenille too and about 50 vintage peacock chenilles that will have to be pulled from my cold dead hands! LOL!!

I kinda got a thing for old quilts and quilt tops too - guess
all those days on the farm are ingrained in me!

The other end of my cutting table - it is bar height so I can stand and cut - I put barkcloth curtains to hide lots of other stuff under the table - we won't go there! :-) I topped my sewing table and my cutting table with a slab of safety glass and put family photos and memorabilia underneath it - so I get a little glimpse of my favorite people when I am working, well it is really playing!

One thing I learned a long time ago, if you see something you are in love with, buy it. You will quickly find a function and a place for it - I spent years over-thinking everything - a room had to have a theme or a piece I found had match something else - took me most of my life to break free of that - and as you can tell by my eclectic style, I am as free as a bird! :-)
I hope you have enjoyed the tour - to see what I create in this space,
please take a minute and visit my shop.
I am constantly rescuing and re-purposing vintage textiles of all sorts
so give me a "Follow" if you are interested and visit me again. I would be delighted!
Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and enjoy the rest of the tour!!


Erin's World said...

mom you cleaned up ;-)

I love your studio! It's a cool place and my favorite part is all the pics!

love you mommy!

BECKY said...

You have a pretty space here! Love your fabric stash and cubbies, and the glass jar storage! I'm collecting jars of all kinds for that! Maybe I'll post my area next year!

BailiwickStudio said...

Your space is wonderful! I have a very similar work table - I love the little cubbies. Oh, and your barkcloth collection is fabulous!

Happy creating! ::Jill

Kathy said...

I love the mini grand piano! And thanks for not "refolding everything" so it was too perfect. I know you USE your studio - those are the studios I want to see!

zandra said...

What a great creative space! So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

She'sSewPretty said...

Your room is so pretty. I love that table with the chubbies on the side though I don't think mine would stay that organized for long!

Anonymous said...

I love your space very warm and inviting, so organized and packed with great finds and personal pieces. A great place to create!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Your studio is so pretty and full of personality! It looks like a great place to create. The blue color on the walls is perfect! Thank you so much for the tour! Connie

anna @ frosted petunias said...

Love your very pretty and creative space. The cubbies are such a great idea and all the colors from your textiles make your space warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing.

Karen Valentine said...

Okay, I think you have a very serious addiction!! All those barkcloth pieces are amazing!! What fun you must have in there!! Thank you so much for being a part of this event. It wouldn't have been the same without you!
My Desert Cottage

Ann Tatum said...

Love your space. DH loves mid-century so we have more of that in our home than anything. And I am DROOLING over your jar of keys! We went thrifting today and I found a couple of those jars (minus the keys). I'm using them in the kitchen to store my beans & pasta.

Thanks for visiting my blog during the party.

Isabel said...

Love all that fabric!! Love the paintings from ur friend:O) Thanx for sharing your special space :O) Isabel

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a charming space to create in. You certainly have a very eclectic style and the room seems to ooze with an infusion of you. I love all the vintage touches you have added. So beautiful. Really loved the piano and the hand next to it. Thanks for sharing your delightful and colorful studio.

Cottage In The Sun said...

What a great space! I love all of your fabrics!! Someday I will be that organized - Maybe!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Thankyou for the glimpse into your home!! I so jealous of your stash!!!!
Irene xx

Creative Breathing said...

Your studio is very lovely. I especially enjoyed the vintage sewing table with glass top. A lovely setting. Thank you so much for sharing it with us today. Elizabeth

stefanie said...

love the color on the walls soooo pretty!!! and your fabric stash....whoooohooo

Chris said...

What a great space to work in! Love all the pretty fabrics and quilts!
Best wishes,

Penny said...

What a wonderful creative space you have here. Oh I love some of you finds. I have shopped the GW and Salvation Army long before they became cool - and they never fail to provide a person with treasures.
I like your wall color - restful but not cold.

My Arts Desire said...

Cindy, I'm currently suffering from a severe case of barkcloth envy....oh my! I'm with you on the old jars for addition to oozing nostalgia from days long ago, they are perfect in showcasing our fun collections. Enjoyed my visit! Xo, sue

craftyles said...

I love you space. I love all the vintage treasures and the color blue on the walls. I have blue on mine too. Wonderful pictures on the wall. I am in fabric envy looking at your shelves. Thanks for the tour!

Claudia said...

You have such a wonderful space! I have to be honest and say I am drooling over all your vintage barkcloth! I love barkcloth and pick it up wherever I can. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

Claudia said...

I forgot to say how much I have fallen in love with your friend's artwork - it is truly magical.

And you have all my favorites on your music player


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your space is awesome Cindy! Love the folk art and all of your wonderful finds at Goodwill and tags sales. The baskets are wonderful. I especially love it that you have treasured items from those that you love. Makes your space all the more welcoming and special! Great Barkcloth stash!! Next I want to see the chenille stash!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

I adore all of your storage solutions.

Into Vintage said...

Funny - a trail of lint and thread follows me wherever I go. Your fabric stash has me green with envy! :-) -amy

Halle said...

Wow what a stash you have. I love that you are rescuing and reusing vintage pieces!!!

Deborah said...

Lovely collection of vintage textiles. i enjoyed seeing it all and hearing your stories. Your Mom sounds like mine LOL!

Terri said...

Super cool space and look at all that fabric! Wow!

Jillayne said...

I loved the tour - your room is charming. the piano box is indeed a treasure and I am in love with that lamp! Thank you for sharing.

Denise said...

Great space and so organized - thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

I love your beautiful space. I have enjoyed the tour. Your pillows are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a wonderful creative space!
LOVE your diembodied hand, too cool!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Whimsey Creations said...

What a great creative space! Can I come and play in your barkcloth? LOLOLOL Nice to meet you and thanks for the tour.

Belinda said...

Beautiful space! Can I ask what blue you finally decided on? I, like you have many stripes of blue searching for just the right one...would love to know if you don't mind sharing! Many Blessings, Belinda@seventhjoy

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello, first off, I love the name of your blog! And your creative space is so unique and pretty... I especially love the little piano music box from your daddy when you were just a little girl... xoxo Julie Marie

Linda Robinson said...

What a wonderful space.. I loved
every minute of my little visit here, and the music was wonderful! I must say that is alot of fabic you have... I won't tell your mom! Hehe

Your Daughters comment brought a little tear to my eye. So Sweet.

Hugs, Linda

The Tin Rabbit said...

Love all your fabric...WOW! I also like your island with the glass...charming!

Miss Sandy said...

You had me swooning over all those vintage textiles! How awesome to sit your wonderful studio and create with them! My mother had a sewing chair just like yours, hers was hard rock maple and had an early American printed scene on it. I learned to sew sitting in that chair, thanks for the memory and for sharing your creative haven.

Angela Weimer said...

What a great space! i love all the fabric. Such a wonderful place to create filled with great inspirations and memories. thanks for the lovely tour and sharing your space with us. Angela

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great space and so organized! I have to say I love your wall color. You've got some great accessories in here as well ~ love the lamp and the globe. Lots and lots fabric! I thought it was my downfall, but apparently you are worse off than me! : ) I keep all the sample pieces and scraps that are big enough to be "something". I'd like to try and use them up in some way, which I am trying to do at least one thing a month using them. Thanks for sharing your great space!

sandy said...

I love your space and all your barkcloth! Where ever did you get it all? Thanks for sharing. I'm going to follow you! sandy

Pearl Maple said...

Oh yes, it does show that you have surrounded yourself with the little things that you love, your creative space just glows.

luluslovlies said...

Love your space and all your barkcloth, love the idea of family pic's under the glass, I love old chenille, I broke down and made a shower curtain for my bathroom with one vintage chenille bedspread, it turned out great and was so fun. now I can really enjoy it, with vinyl liner behind it of course. Thanks for sharing and stop by sometime. XOXO

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Oh My gosh Girl! All that barkcloth. Now I know why I can't find any around. .its all on your shelves! I love it too but I'm sort of fussy about my colors. I usually choose reds or pinks for myself. I would love to come over and root through your stash. Its a sickness I know I collect yarn.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

I LOVE your space and your philosophy, Your fabric makes me laugh. you go girl!!!

Very organized and cozy and a place one just wants to be in!

happy day!

TinyBear said...

Loved the tour in your studio Cindy - everything is so pretty. OMG - all the fabric - I LOVE it.
Thanks for sharing and for visiting over at my place too :D
~ Tina

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Cindy:
Love your studio! What a fun place to visit. I love your bark cloth and other fabrics. We have A LOT in common when it comes to fabric acquisition. lol

Creative Grammie said...

You are too funny! I love your stash collection. I have a thing for barkcloth too. There is a company here in Hawaii that reproduce them now. I decorate with barkcloth because I have vintage Hawaii furniture.
Thanks for the tour, I love your studio!

Gail said...

Good morning, happy 4th of July. I have been visiting your studio and I have to say, great job. Love the pictures under the glass on your work surfaces and your cutting table ends used for storage. I love eclectic (as you will see if you visit my studio). Beautiful fabrics, too. Do come by Big Horn Mountain Creations for a visit.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Cindy,
I wish we were neighbors...I think we have lots in common and could spend hours creating together. I love your clothes pins in the jar and your huge stash of vintage fabrics.

Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful collection of barkcloth fabric - love the cubbies for storage. Thanks so much for inviting us to vist.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the counter in the middle of the room with all the storage too. I am a papercrafter but I prefer to stand when I am creating. This would be perfect. I also have a basket my grandmother used to keep her knitting in. What cherished gifts we have. I am new to the blog world (2 wks!)and loving it. Thank you for sharing~ Sherry F.

Tuesday said...

What a wonderful place to create! It looks so inspiring and cozy. Thanks so much for sharing.


Niftic Vintage said...

Fabulous Space! Thanks for giving us a peak at your creative places!