Saturday, September 4, 2010

Featured Artist - What White Rabbit...

...I am in love with this quirky little rabbit. He lives in this limited edition print made from an encaustic painting that won the “best of show” in a California juried exhibition. The artist behind the art is Julia Heatherwick of Breaking Ground Studio.

And what is encaustic??? I surely did not know before I purchased this beautiful piece of art...encaustic is a painting method where color-pigmented beeswax is melted, applied to a surface and reheated to fuse the paint into a smooth or textured finish. The word encaustic comes from the Greek language and means 'to burn in', which refers to the process of fusing the paint. Sounds like it is terribly difficult, but the result is delightful beauty. Julia creates lovely art - here are a few of her other pieces.

Held Still



Julia is a delightful person and is very witty and funny - I met her on etsy. And now I have her addicted to vintage chenille bedspreads! LOL!! I am happy to call her my friend!

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Monique said...

Thanks for the follow! You know, I think I've bought from you from etsy or the other e. I know I love your items! Monique xx