Saturday, October 2, 2010

Button Flower Bouquets

What is more fun than a barrell full of monkeys....a tin of vintage buttons. Hurley and I tried our hand at making button flowers and we are so happy with the results. It was so much fun and I will never look at buttons in the same way. Most everyone used to have a button tin or jar in their home - it is amazing the story a jar of buttons could tell if they could talk. I bought this cute little tin on etsy and it came full of vintage buttons, so we got out the wire and cutters and got started. Took us most of the day, but we filled all the old bottles we had. We sat back with sore fingers and admired our work - our initial reaction to selling them is Nay! - but we might make some to list later - hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did making them...


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

I have seen Etsy or Made It sellers (?) who make whole Bouquets out of buttons, brooches and the like. Ones that can be used as wedding bouquets! They are works of art indeed!
I have a slew of buttons, must give it a go.
Looks like fun :)
Irene x

Tiedupmemories said...

Ooh...those are fun! Great job!!