Friday, May 13, 2011

meet pinky...

...she is an old girl now, but when she was rescued from the hardee's parking lot by my teenage daughter, she was but a wee kitten. she came to our house, along with her sister (the brain). they were both in the advanced stages of starvation and the vet said if they lived, there would be permanent organ damage and they would live a short life.

well, it has been about 13 years now and pinky is still ticking - her back legs are a bit deformed (but she gets around okay) and she is extremely emotionally insecure. sometimes i get aggravated at how she meanders in front of me when i first get out of bed in the morning as i am stumbling for the coffee pot... i feel like a cat herder.

i once thought my tombstone should say "she laughs a lot", but now i think it needs to say "herder of cats" or atleast one cat! lol! i have never seen a kitten that would not play - it took the girls about three weeks to even chase a ball or piece of string, but with much loving care, they finally learned to eat - they had actually quit eating. pinky would just walk in circles, it was sad. i will never forget how happy i was when she first chased a ball and batted at a string. we found homes for both the girls, but pinky soon came back because one of my daughters begged and begged! you know what i mean!! lol!!

many years have passed and these days this old girl hangs out in my studio and pretty much follows me wherever i go - she is one lucky kitty...she hit the lotto that day in the hardee's parking lot! she's my girl!

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Becky said...

oh btw.. pinky is 11 years old :) and she's myyyyy girl. i am your girl. ;)