Friday, June 24, 2011

American Limoges China - Chateau France

i recently found this lovely american limoges china

chateau france is the pattern

limoges china is named after the place it was made originally

limoges, france

from what i read, they stopped making it in 1930

manufacturers were already making it in the usa

hence the name, american limoges

22k gold filigree

beautiful countryside design

i found plates, soup bowls, smaller bowls, serving bowls

a creamer, gravy boat, saucers. it's all so beautiful!

this would be perfect for someone who does events or for a wedding as most of the pieces are plates in different sizes (only 2 dinner plates, but they would be great for platters), bowls, salad plates, smaller plates, saucers and the creamer and gravy boat for sauces. they are in fabulous condition - i will probably list them on etsy, but it is a big hassle shipping breakables - maybe i will list them for local pick up only. i wish i could keep them, but you would laugh at me if you saw all the dishes that i already have! thanks for stopping in - hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! xx c

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