Tuesday, November 8, 2011

farmhouse quilt

okay! i am so excited about these fabulous quilts i bought that came from remote kentucky farmsteads! mostly ca 1920s - i bought them because they are not perfect, intending to cut them up and make some pillows - here is the first one, all soaked and laundered and fresh as a daisy - now, could you cut this beauty up? i don't think i can do it - all the feed and flour sacks and the little handstitching and the old cotton batting - ahhhh heaven for this textile junkie! now, this is the main problem with why i am in the situation i am in - i cannot cut them, they are too precious! hence, the piles of chenille spreads, blankets and barkcloth fabric - but atleast i am an organized hoarder!

xx, c


Lora said...

simply amazing! :)

Whimsey Creations said...

LOL I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I just have to close my eyes (with a pair of scissors in my hand) and make that first big cut, then it's done and you can't go back LOLOLOL But it sure is hard! The colors in that quilt look like Autumn.

Halle said...

It's beautiful!