Friday, January 20, 2012

spring is on the way

it has been such a whacky winter here in north georgia - we have had short cold spells followed by warming and then back to a cold snap. it did follow the hottest summer we have had here in about 100 years, though. i can hardly believe the forsythia is already blooming - it is usually mid-february around here when that starts. and, the robins, oh my, they are in our yard by the dozens, pecking at the ground for worms after the rain. and, i do have one daffodil that is blooming already at the cottage - i will have my head down for about two months doing "my day job", but once tax season is over, and i look up, spring will be here! :) wishing spring hurries to your doorsteps! xx c

1 comment:

ThreeOldKeys said...

wow catnap -- i know you live in the South, but you have some eager flowers!

take care of yourself during your busy spell ... it must be very taxing!