Saturday, April 4, 2009

1973 - Hiphuggers, Halter Tops and Hair

I actually had this pattern and made that halter top!

I was 13 in 1973 and was all about what to listen to and what to wear. I remember wearing hiphuggers, halter tops and clogs and listening to WALG (an a.m. pop station) late into the night. There is a new show out, or maybe not so new, but I just found it, called "Life on Mars". It is about a guy who gets thrown back in time to 1973 and is a police officer in New York City. Everything is right out of 1973, the clothing, cars, attitudes, hair, music - it is fabulous! As we used to say - it's a trip! Here are a few pics from the ABC show...

love the dresses and the polka dot scarves - look at those white gloves

ok - my hair looked just like this

one "token" woman who keeps having to proove herself

standard shag haircut - knit sport coat with wide lapel and this guy has a "me tarzan, you jane" attitude

check out Annie's uniform, sometimes she wears ankle boots - what about that fabulous car!!
click here for more info on the show


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

...and so much brown!!!
Lots of memories :)

Denise said...

Too Funny - I was the same age and wore my hair exactly that way! The show is a hoot - scary with the way some things worked back then and all the corruption. fun post, thanks for sharing!

Cottage In The Sun said...

I loved my halter tops! I was just daydreaming about them the other day when I was sewing a top for my little one! So fun - thanks for sharing the photos!

cheltclaire said...

it looks really good, i've watched the original here in the uk, we had 2 series on the bbc and it was great. we're getting ready for the second series of the follow up series called ashes to ashes with Gene hunt in set in the 1980s with a female officer who vaguely knew Sam who has now gone back in time. i'd love the see the american series, wonder when i'll get to see it here in the uk.
enjoying your blog1
claire x