Saturday, September 12, 2009


Vintage Aluminum Pitcher

I found some really fun treasures while Junkin' recently. So many places to plunder and so little time. I could actually make a full-time job out of searching for that needle in the haystack. Here are a few of my favorite finds...

Vintage FireKing Casserole Dish - Fancy

Vintage Chocolate Box - Choo Choo Chocolates

Vintage Avon Mother's Day Plates

Vintage Modern Dripware Mugs

Vintage Melmac Coffee Cups

Vintage Pepper Grinder - Japan

Vintage Holly Hobbie Pitcher - 1973

Lovely Beaded Evening Bag - Japan

Vintage Tupperware
These are all listed in my shop. Thanks for stopping by - I love getting and reading your comments!!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What fun finds from your recent shopping! I'm off today to visit some yard sales and maybe find a treasure or two myself. Have a fabulous day!

Cottage In The Sun said...

I adore those melmac cups! How fun to get to go treasure hunting with you without all of the dust!

Cindy said...

You had a good "junkin" day! A couple of weeks ago I found the Holly Hobby collector plate; exact same picture. I am still loving my chenille pillow!!!

Jennie said...

I definitely join you in your dreams- oh to roam the secondhand shops of the world! You found some wonderful items- my faves are those coffee cups- fab colors, and great photo!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

great finds!!

kana said...

You found some great things! I really like the aluminum pitcher. It reminds me of one that my grandmother had.

thevanitytable said...

I LOVE the Melmac cups! I'll be sure to check those out in your shop. Thanks for sharing!