Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sacsayhuaman Pillow (Ancient Inca Wall)

I never know what wonderful adventure I am in store for when I purchase vintage textiles. This one was just really cute and handmade in Bolivia, so I purchased it. After holding it and just admiring the handiwork of some crafty lady for some time, I decided recently to make it into a pillow. It was lined on the back, so I opened it up to stuff it and started to take off what I thought was a small patch on the back. Well turns out, it was a small pocket and had a handwritten message in it in another language. Thanks to google, I was quickly able to translate the Spanish message and it reads like this..."This burlap sacking represents the ruins of Sacsayhuaman - rural landscapes of the place peasants dancing". Sacsayhuaman is an ancient inca wall. And the translation makes perfect sense, you can see the wall and the llamas and the peasants playing instruments and dancing. What an amazing find!

There are 12 handmade dolls on this pillow in full dress!

The background is completely appliqued by hand and is just beautiful!

The pillow is 20" x 17" and the secret note is tucked back into its little pocket.
This one-of-a-kind pillow is available in my shop.
Thanks for stopping by today and hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday!