Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vintage Apron Fetish

Oh My! Just when I think I have gotten my vintage textile fix, I get into something these vintage aprons and I am in love all over again. I recently purchased about 60 vintage aprons, yes, I said 60! There is nothing like living large! LOL!! I have most of them washed, except the ones I have to mend. So now my laundry baskets are fluffed to the ceiling with aprons waiting to be ironed. I don't really like ironing, but I like how crisp and pretty my iron makes things, so away I go and this is what I have done so far....

Most of these were made by homemakers long ago - I love the variety of colors, patterns and designs - they show the personality of the gals who made them. Some are for sale in my shop and some are in my kitchen drawer - until next time :-) and thanks for stopping in!


Cottage In The Sun said...

How fabulous!!
I have a few my Great Grandmothers - I wish I knew how to display them without using them, I'm very messy!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous aprons!! love all your textiles & chenilles. I just love the feel, weight and designs of old chenille. Found your blog by way of "where bloggers create" link. Hugs. Tammy

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