Saturday, January 1, 2011


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Wow! It's finally here, but on the other hand, where did 2010 go? And it went so quickly! Time for a fresh beginning, kind of like cleaning out your sock drawer, but on a bit larger scale! No resolutions for me, not really, have lived long enough to know that they soon fade, usually in about two weeks. BUT, the 8 pounds I gained between Thanksgiving and today have got to go, so back to my regular eating and no more indulging on whatever looks good, eat it! And lushing with my beloved red wine - time to put on my thinking cap and forge ahead into tax season. I will be very busy at my real job, and will emerge April 16th tired, but with lots of ideas for pillows and jewelry! I wish you all the very best that 2011 has to offer - and oh yeah, maybe I will make just one small resolution and that is to stop and smell the roses more, enjoy my granddaughters just a wee bit more and spend time listening to my husband a little more, even when he talks about things that I have no interest in - kind of like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher... wah wah wah - I think you get the idea. I'll just slow down a bit and not make a job out of everything that I do, even my hobbies! Well, good luck to me with that! LOL!!! The stripes of a tiger do not come off, but maybe I can get mine to fade a bit! Thanks for stopping in and reading and all my best to you! xoxo c

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