Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time to Make The Pillows...

... since we are sort of "snowed-in". Georgia just shuts down when the snow and ice come - the last time it was like this was 1993, on my birthday. I will never forget it - Mr. CatNap got in his four-wheel drive and went to pick up my birthday cake from a friend who made it for me! birthday or cake today, but I am thankful for the stacks of sacks that I have in my studio, so I have had my nose down to my faithful Singer and my pedal to the metal (well, really, it is carpet) and have cranked out a few more for the shop. Hope everyone is staying warm! And thanks for stopping in today!

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Whimsey Creations said...

I love those pillows! How well I remember the 'blizzard' of 1993. I was the cookie service unit chair for Girl Scouts and that was cookie delivery day. There were about six of us that unloaded the semi of cookies into the church. Only a couple of people could come to pick up their cases of cookies and since I had signed for them and was responsible for the $$$, I had to then move around 1200 cases to my house. We worked in that snow all day long into the night with 3 vans. I had to move all the furniture out of my living room and there was just a small path to the TV with two small chairs, one in front of the other. It was three days before people could begin to come and collect their cases of cookies. Never forget that day as long as I live LOLOLOL