Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At the Cottage...

There's a place I go when I want to relax, it is The CatNap Cottage. Yes, it is really a place - it is a quiet and comfy environment, like stepping back in time - everything is old and welcoming. So get yourself a cup of tea in your favorite teacup and browse through these rooms at the cottage. I decorated it with thrift shop and antique shop finds, some things I painted, like the floor. It is painted a cottage white - the rugs are fabulous and the tole trays too. I just love it and want to share it with all my friends....

My bedroom at the cottage - vintage rug off ebay, dresser and mismatched mirror I painted white, vintage lamps from a friend, old black tole powder box and oval painting on the wall dates back to Civil War . Love BlueBoy, Pinky is on the other side of the bed. Vintage clock from antique dealer in Moultrie, GA. Doilies given to me by a friend. Bedside Table, was pink, and, you guessed it, I painted it white. Love the little book tray on the bottom - back when people read more and watched less tv. Bed is late 1800s from an antique store. Naps are fabulous in this room!!

Love this rug - from 1930s - 40s, I think. The table was given to me by one of my friends. I reworked the milk glass lamp to make it work again and picked up the painted suitcase from an artist in Moultrie, GA.

There are two of these lamps, one on each side of this deco style dresser that I painted white - my favorite lamps at the cottage - Just love them!

The project that I thought I would never finish. Purchased at an antique store for $45 - Took it apart, painted it cottage white, redid all the upholstery in this fabulous toile and ticking. Fireplace was red, painted it white - do you sense a theme here? LOL

Back of the chair - hammered all those little tacks myself!Fabulous Rug off ebay for $1250 - my favorite rug ever!!

The Wall of Tole Trays - Some of my favorites, most of them are Nashco. I am a sucker for painted trays, boxes, etc.

My shabby secretary - it is full of my favorite vintage plates and china teacups. Bet you can guess what the drawers are full of.....vintage textiles, mostly tablecloths and pillowcases!


Hope you enjoyed browsing through the cottage today - thanks for letting me share it with you!!


Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Ooooh I want to come to your Cottage !

Carrie said...

What charming decor...your refinished items really add grace to the rooms.